Luxury Fragrance Without The Luxury Price



I was blown away by the quality and the aromatic conpnents. Its amazing. iI ordered 2 more Bottles!! Cheers LUX

Brian Smith
Miami, FL

So sexy, All the guys are after me in the office and I'm turning heads on my nights out

Danielle R
New York, NY

This stuff is legit . I was worried and I sure should not of been. Thanks

Great Falls, MT

I originally smelled tom Ford ombre leather and loved it. Then cut set out to find a clone and I came across inspired by lux and I am thoroughly impressed! Smells just like ombre leather

Salt Lake City, UT

About us

10 years ago we started getting into fragrances and fell in love with the so called "niche" fragrance world, they were just SO EXPENSIVE and we found it difficult to try all the ones we wanted let alone own them all. Our solution? We turned to the "clone" Dupe" "inspired" "alternative" Fragrance world so we could still have the scents we had grown to love and try all the ones we weren't able to before, It was great! But shortly into living in our fragrance dream world we ran into a HUGE problem, we just weren't getting anything near the same quality of product we were used to having. Smelling good is awesome but not if it's only for an hour or two and some of these companies even get you to use their product and then charge you more for a "premium" version instead of giving you an affordable and quality product from the start. We knew there had to be a better option for people, no one should have to sacrifice quality for cost. It was at that point that we started our journey to not only provide a better option for people but really revolutionize the fragrance world and provide products that aren't out there in the inspired community. We started taking classes and learning how to manufacture fragrances and after MONTHS of trial and error, formulation after formulation we finally had a product that met our strict quality standards and were able to open and bring you a whole life system without the "brand tax" or huge decreases in longevity from shower gel to parfums and now even candles! We want everyone to enjoy a luxury life without the luxury cost!

We are located in Utah, USA

All of our products are formulated, manufactured, and shipped all over the world from here in Utah.